Planning and Zoning Commission


  • Meets the first Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 p.m.
  • Kimberly City Hall, 242 Highway 30

Public Hearings

  • There are none at this time

Agenda & Minutes



  • Ted Wasko, Chairperson
    Seat 1 Expire: January 2021
  • Cindy Schmidt, Impact Area
    Seat 2 Expires: January 2021
  • Gregory Edgar
    Seat 3 Expires: January 2021
  • Perry Dangerfield
    Seat 4 Expires: January 2021
  • Jeff Cooper
    Seat 5 Expires: January 2020
  • Leland Belin
    Seat 6 Expires: January 2021
  • Dan Shewmaker, Impact Area
    Seat 7 Expires: January 2021


This Commission was established to provide guidance and assistance to the Council. The Planning and Zoning Commission hears requests for variances, rezone, special permits, planned developments, and subdivisions. Hearings are also held on elements of the Comprehensive Plan and changes or additions to zoning ordinances. If you are interested in serving on the Zoning Commission please call the number listed.

Contact the Planning Commissioners for additional information please call (208) 423-4151 extension 17.